DC Extension Hybrid (DR)

Extend DCs to build a disaster recovery (DR) environment in the cloud.


Customer has the Library management application, which currently runs on On-premises infrastructure, it is a Windows based 2 tier application with MSSQL database as a standalone application. Due to increase of user-based traffic, application facing frequent crashes. Planning to maintain the application with High availability as DR like, Active-Active or Active–passive.


  • Windows workloads with Microsoft Licenses include
  • Application
  • Database – MSSQL
  • Storage - 100GB
  • Servers capacity - 2vcpu's with 16GB RAM


  • High availability
  • Cost optimization
  • Early to build a DR configuration
  • Post migrations Load testing

Customer Inputs

The architecture of the web app includes React for frontend, Node for backend, and MongoDB for the database from which React, and Node are hosted on one windows server and database on another windows server on-premises with no redundancy. The windows servers were with 8GB RAM and 100GB of SSD. DNS used is Cloud-Flare, with SSL support. The Windows Server licenses were not covered under Microsoft License Mobility through Software Assurance. The development team did not want the existing on-prem setup to be disturbed, rather extend it as it is, to the cloud. The client wanted to have high availability and scale based on demand, the on-prem setup was not capable of handling the spikes in traffic or scale. The development team wanted to promote the existing on-prem setup to dev-environment and migrate the existing prod-environment from on-prem to AWS Cloud.

Here the customer requested minimum downtime, not more than an hour. They also did not want to buy new windows server licenses. The cost of the whole operation and the production setup were particularly important. The goal here was to take all the advantages of the cloud infra but also minimal to no overhead on the developer team to modify the base application.


We have proposed to be Architecture for application on cloud environment

This architecture represents

  • Infrastructure configurations like,
  • VPC, Subnets, RT, Gateway's
  • Load balancer
  • One windows machine contains front-end and back-end application
  • Applications Configuration like,
  • Second machine represents our DB.
  • For the DB we have considered Homogeneous migrations


  • We have established Active-Active Application configurations with Hybrid Cloud or On-prem with AWS Cloud.
  • Reached Customer expectations with High Availability.
  • More Secure implementation.

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