License Transformation

How existing windows licenses can be converted or discarded in lieu of AWS windows licensing models?


The customer has a college portal online application that helps students and teacher connect. This application is used to take exams and keep track of homework and student performance. The application was running on On-Prem infrastructure. Client complained about increased load times only during the final exam sessions was extremely high and doesn't want to invest in expensive infrastructure.

Introduction Here client approached 9Logic for a solution so students and teachers can access the website without any delays. They were also worried about the increase in traffic, scaling & cost related to it, disaster recovery, and the overall efficiency of the whole process. The Cloud is a good solution that is more economical and is comparatively easy to maintain. With cloud the customer does not have to worry about investing in the expensive infrastructure and maintain it. On cloud he can pay for only what he uses.

Customer Inputs

The architecture of the web app includes React for frontend, Node for backend, and Microsoft SQL for the database from which React and Node are hosted on one windows server and database on another windows server on-premises with no redundancy. The 20 windows servers were with 8GB RAM and 100GB of SSD. DNS used is Cloud-Flare, with SSL support.

Customer had bought some windows licenses in the beginning which he did not use. The college development team did not want the existing on-prem setup to be disturbed, rather extend it as it is, to the cloud. The client wanted to have high availability and scale based on demand, the on-prem setup was not capable of handling the spikes in traffic or scale. The college development team wanted to create resources on AWS and use them along with the on-prem infrastructure. Here the customer requested minimum downtime, not more than two days. They also did not want to invest new windows server machines. The cost of the whole operation and the production setup were particularly important. The goal here was to take all the advantages of the cloud infra and use it in synergy with the on-prem infra.


9Logic team immediately started on the migration process. Migration has different phases, where the first one is to assess the application and requirements. Asses - We havetaken inputs from the customer on exactly what is needed from the migration? both on the technical and business front.

windows license transformation

We wanted to leverage the agility and reliability along with the security offered by AWS Cloud at the same time reduce the overall cost of infrastructure setup. The business team wanted to take advantage of OPEX model for infrastructure to reduce the overall cost. Once all the requirements are taken, we started with the next phase.


9Logic success-fully migrated the Web-App to AWS Cloud with just 2 days of downtime. There were minimal changes to the app code. The traffic to customers app is routed based on the location and load. The infrastructure is scaled based on the load. The load times for the web app were reduced by up to 60%. The website portal was highly available.

Customer now has the option to scale on demand. The whole expenditure model was changed, now customer pays smaller monthly bills instead of large upfront investments.

The customer benefited from AWS's massive economies of scale which resulted in a cost-savings of up to 40% and not only that the customer now has the option to leverage spot instances, which offer up to 90% discounts. AWS offers up to 99.999% availability for the VMs reduces the downtimes along with 25% lower latency & 3X higher throughput performance backed by robust AWS network infrastructure. Sailing is easy with AWS with deployments up to 70% faster reducing the time to market and increasing the overall business productivity. This migration addressed all the customer problems and showed better than expected results.

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