OQPoint Technologies Inc

AWS Well-Architected Review

The Client

OQPoint Technologies Inc. is a US based products and services company founded in 2008. With its Head Quarters in Seattle they deal with some of the most biggest and complex international companies helping them maximize their IT investments specifically related to their transition to the cloud. They are experienced in end-to-end IT solutions and Application development. Their technical project and program management is backed up by their expert IT consulting capability. They are expanding their business and beginning to see huge growth in their customer base as well as revenue.

9Logic’s Well-Architected Review” program has added tremendous value to the services and applications hosted on AWS and helped optimizing the investment on cloud resources

-- Earl Mann, CEO, OQPoint Technologies Inc. .

The Challenge

OQPoint had its client’s solution setup and operated from AWS that provided web based services to their end customers. The challenge was uncontrolled operational costs and lack of proper security controls. There have been performance issues occasionally happening impacting the experience of the end users. Improperly setup monitoring and alerting system was another challenge impacting the timely resolution of the issues.

The Solution

In order to discover the problem areas and opportunities of improvements, 9Logic has conducted Well-Architected Review of the AWS infrastructure and came out with a recommended set of solutions to resolve the issues. The review covered all the 5 pillars of AWS WAR; Reliability, Performance Efficiency, Security, Operational Excellence and Cost Optimization. And also, the complete architecture has been analyzed and a new architecture has been designed and implemented in line with the AWS best practices and recommendations. A detailed cost analysis has been performed along with identifying and implementing the security controls in addition to load balancing and auto scaling the instances in response to varied loads of traffic hitting the applications. Security controls are applied at multiple layers of the infrastructure including restricting the Security Group rules at instance level, enabling disk encryptions, applying NACL port restrictions, enabling IAM roles and Multi-Factor Authentications etc.

The Benefits

The client was able to deliver improved quality services to their customers with better performance and security controls. Effectively implemented monitoring systems helped proactively respond to the alerts in a timely manner in addition to realizing significant cost reduction as much as 55% of their previous infrastructure expenses.

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