AWS Well-Architected Review

The main challenge was about security. The services and resources required a higher level of security. The content distribution across various geographic locations also required a stable solution. 9Logic helped PitchHub architecting their AWS infrastructure through AWS Well-Architected Review program. The architecture was analyzed and verified against the best practices of AWS WAR framework and pillars, Operational Excellence, Performance Efficiency, Security, Cost Optimization and Reliability.


'Well-Architected Review was very well setup and achieved scalability of our products'

-- Benjamin E. Norton, CTO, PitchHub

VISTX Corporation

AWS Migration

Meeting the expectations of the clients and auditors in terms of delivering the stable and sustainable service through scalable and reliable solutions was challenging. Regulations and compliances are other imporatant factors that must be adhered and implemented across all cloud based services delivered to the clients. Decided to migrate from Rackspace to AWS and 9Logic helped VISTX making the migration smooth and easy. This move resulted into resolving the challenges and achieving the results.


'Migration to AWS improved the efficiency and reduced the cost of our infrastructure'

-- Gary Meek, Principal Consultant, VISTX Corporation

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