PitchHub, Inc.

AWS Well-Architected Review

The Client

PithHub is a U.S. based video platform company that make it easy and efficient for buyers to build relationships with Sellers and business professionals. It is specialized into videos on demand and connecting people to opportunities using video. Its specialties also include procurement tool, purchasing and project management. It provides comprehensive solutions for business branding through effective video medium. PitchHub's goal is to help companies increase their business by using video for marketing purposes.

'9Logic's AWS Well-Archited Review helped improving scalability and security of our products'

-- Benjamin E. Norton, CTO, PitchHub, Inc.

The Challenge

The main challenge was about security. The services and resources required a higher level of security in order to protect the infrastructure as well as the data. The content distribution across various geographic locations also required a stable solution. Tracking of various operations happening on their AWS infrastructure was challenging, especially it was a bottleneck during security audits. Monitoring and logging of the activities required reliable, streamlined and standard procedures and solution in place.

The Solution

9Logic has conducted Well-Architected Review of PitchHub’s AWS infrastructure and generated a report on the risks identified. The review spanned across all the 5 pillars of AWS WAR; Reliability, Performance Efficiency, Security, Operational Excellence and Cost Optimization. In addition, the overall architecture has been analyzed and a new architecture has been designed and implemented in line with the AWS best practices and recommendations. The security enhancements included; enabling multifactor authentications, reconfiguring IAM roles, encryptions etc. Audit compliance requirements met by enabling Cloud Trails, CloudWatch Logs, AWS Config and RDS log monitoring. AWS CDN has been enabled and Life cycle policies have been created and applied for different storage classes. After implementation of the recommended solutions as per the best practices, the risks identified at various levels of high and medium priorities have been mitigated and resolved the challenges faced by the client’s infrastructure and its impacts on their business.

The Benefits

9Logic’s reviews and solutions helped PitchHub achieve a scalable, secure and cost-effective infrastructure with a proven performance efficiency and operational excellence. It resulted into meeting the expectations of the client, the end-users and the business customers.

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