VISTX Corporation

Migration - Rackspace to AWS - Microsoft Windows Workloads

The Client

VISTX Corporation is a US based global company with a specialized focus on business process and performance improvement for the Life Sciences industry. It combines innovative use of technology with real-world domain and compliance expertise in order to streamline overall business process efficiency and reduce risk as well as improve compliance and capabilities of their customers.It helps customers expand their businesses by providing new market opportunities and supporting them with regulatory compliances.

'9Logic's Migration - Rackspace to AWS - Microsoft Windows Workloads services helped improve the efficiency and reduced costs of our infrastructure'

-- Gary Meek, Principal Consultant, VISTX Corporation

The Challenge

VISTX had its solution setup and operated from Rackspace. The application was built on Microsoft platform. The challenge was meeting the expectations of their clients and auditors in terms of delivering stable and sustainable service through scalable yet cost effective infrastructure solution.

The Solution

9Logic performed the process of problem discovery and issue analysis. As a result of the review, 9Logic recommended VISTX with AWS as a reliable platform for running Microsoft workloads more efficiently and securely. All components of the domains including computing, storage, database, networking etc., are planned and migrated from Rackspace to AWS with least and acceptable downtime without impacting the business process. The entire application stack consisting of Microsoft workloads including Windows Servers, Active Directory, MS SQL Server etc. is successfully migrated to AWS. The required AWS services such as Amazon EC2 for Windows Servers, RDS for Microsoft SQL Database, S3, SES, WorkMail, etc. have been appropriately selected and used for the architecture design and implementation.

The Benefits

9Logic’s well designed migration strategy helped VISTX make a smooth migration of Microsoft workloads including Windows applications and SQL databases from Rackspace to AWS. The challenging issues such as scalability, reliability, cost and security are resolved through the use of AWS services such as Amazon EC2 for Windows Server and Amazon RDS for MS SQL Server. It resulted into meeting the business objectives of the client and service expectations of its end customers.

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