Migrating Microsoft Workloads from Microsoft Azure to AWS cloud

Industry Vertical - Real Estate and Construction

The Client

TLC Engine is a US based Real Estate + AI company serving the customers and agents of Real Estate domain in United States by providing online solutions to them. It serves its customers and end users by helping them search for the homes and properties based upon their interests and preferences. The customers have the ability to search for properties matching their different criteria such as location, area of the property, budget, style of living etc.

'9Logic helped migrating applications to AWS and performed Well-Architected Review resulting into cost reduction and performance improvement'

-- Krishna Malyala, CEO, TLCengine

The Challenge

The client had their infrastructure setup on Microsoft Azure. The solution was developed on Microsoft Windows platform. The challenge was about scalability, security and cost optimization. The development teams required a centralized control of AWS resources but different accounts for different environments. Multi-Account environment was the need of the hour for better analysis of the cost incurred by different segments of workloads. End users experienced performance issues especially during high peek hours of the application access. Overall cost of running the application stack was higher and required to be reduced and optimized.

The Solution

9Logic has setup a landing zone with a multi account environment under AWS Organization Units providing different environments for different stages of application deployment such as Development, Staging and Production. 9Logic helped TLCengine architecting their AWS infrastructure and migrated the applications and data from Microsoft Azure and physical data center to AWS cloud. The migrated technical stack contained Microsoft workloads including Amazon EC2 for Windows Servers, Active Directory, and Amazon RDS for MS SQL Database Server. Other AWS services such as ElasticSearch, CloudFront, Route 53, S3, Application Load Balancers, and Auto Scaling etc. are also included in the architecture design to achieve stable and scalable solutions resolving the issues faced by the end users. The architecture was analyzed and implemented as per the best practices of AWS Well-Architected Framework and its standard design principles.

The Benefits

The client was able to expand their market base and meet the service expectations of the customers while improving the quality of service and reducing Total Cost of Ownership. The alignment of Well-Architected Framework resulted in achieving performant, highly reliable and secured infrastructure on the AWS Cloud.

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