Performance efficiency is a basic fundamental factor that is a byproduct of utilizing computing resources efficiently. The basic need of end users is a consistent delivery of services with a decent performance that makes them happy users / customers.

It becomes possible when the services and resources in AWS are well designed and architected. And also the efficiency needs to be maintained as demand changes and technologies evolve.

Get 9Logic answer these core questions of performance

What are the services and resources that are not performing as expected?
How to right size or redesign these architectural elements to perform efficiently?

How does 9Logic improve the performance efficiency of your AWS infrastructure?

Performance efficiency

Why 9Logic to improve the performance efficiency of your AWS resources?

Our Well-Architected Reviews identifies the performance levels of your various services and resources. Provides solutions to improve the efficiency of them for enhanced performance. Our reviews includes the basic design principles of performance efficiency.

  • Democratize advanced technologies
  • Go global in minutes
  • Use serverless architectures
  • Experiment more often
  • Mechanical sympathy

Our recommendations and solutions follows the best practice areas of performance efficiency; Selection, Review, Monitoring and Tradeoffs.

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