Reliability is the ability of making your systems and services available to end-users consistently whenever they need and wherever they want from.

Why 9Logic for reliable service delivery?

9Logic helps you answer the following fundamental questions of Reliability and provides solutions to implement the relevant architectural designs to achieve the consistent service availability.

  • How reliable is your infrastructure and how tolerant is it for failures and disruptions?
  • Is your infrastructure designed for disaster recovery and business continuity?
  • Have you implemented right alarming and notification system to notify you of the service failures?

How does 9Logic ensure that your AWS infrastructure is truely reliable?

realiability pillar

Our review recommendations and remediation patterns results into:

  • Recovery procedures are well tested. Systems are automatically recovered from infrastructure or service failures. Capacity guessing is no more required.
  • Scale horizontally to increase aggregate system availability. Mitigate disruptions such as misconfigurations or transient network issues.
  • Dynamically acquire computing resources meeting the demand. Using automation for managing changes in infrastructure

9Logic helped small, medium and large enterprises aligning their infrastructure with the best practices of Reliability in the cloud.

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