OQPoint Technologies Inc.

AWS Migration

The Client

OQPoint Technologies Inc. is a US based products and services company founded in 2008. With its Head Quarters in Seattle they deal with some of the most biggest and complex international companies helping them maximize their IT investments specifically related to their transition to the cloud. They are experienced in end-to-end IT solutions and Application development. Their technical project and program management is backed up by their expert IT consulting capability. They are expanding their business and beginning to see huge growth in their customer base as well as revenue.

Thanks to 9Logic for migrating our applications, data and databases from physical data center to AWS providing cost reduction, security and ease of administration.

-- Ravindra, Sr. Director, OQPoint Technologies Inc.

The Challenge

The client had their infrastructure setup on-premises in a data center. The challenge was about administration and management of their physical data center elements such as servers, racks, electric power, UPS, physical security etc. Scalability and reliability of their infrastructure and applications are also challenges that the client wanted to address and resolve. The cost of infrastructure management also was required to be reduced and optimized.

The Solution

To resolve the infrastructure and application challenges, 9Logic has recommended the client to migrate their applications from their on-premises physical data center to the AWS cloud. Application discovery and migration readiness assessment has been performed followed by setting up landing zone on AWS to host the services. The applications along with their data and databases are migrated to AWS in a planned manner achieving speed migration and considerably least downtime. AWS services such as EC2, RDS, S3, Route 53, ALBs etc. are correctly selected and provisioned. Cloud native technologies and services are integrated into the solution for system monitoring and application availability. Isolated virtual networks for private and public workloads are setup ensuring the security of application access. The service selection and resource sizing are done appropriately for meeting the cost optimization and performance efficiency of the applications running on AWS cloud.

The Benefits

The client was able to get relieved of the challenges such as administering their physical servers, electrical components, network racks and physical security. With the advantages of the AWS auto scaling services, the applications were able to scale automatically in response to the varying demands of the end users. High availability architectures enabled reliable infrastructure and automatic failovers. Capital investment is completely avoided and right sizing of resources reduced the cost of servers and services. Prevented traditional data center approach of overprovisioning the resources. The migration helped the client realize the benefits in terms of cost, security, performance, reliable operational processes and procedures.

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