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AWS Advanced Consulting Partner

Professional SA

AWS is currently offering a service credit voucher per workload if you start implementing remediations within 30 days after the review is delivered.

AWS Infrastructure - Well-Architected Review

An absolutely free activity in just 3 easy steps:

Requisites: Select a workload for review, identify components and define the workload

WAR: Review the workload and generate a report of risks found against best practices

Review Recommendations: Generate an improvement plan for risk remediation and well-architected infrastructure

Partner with 9Logic :

9Logic's cloud services enables enterprises achieve significant cloud benefits such as cost optimization, enhanced security, performance efficiency etc.. Our portfolio of services includes right from migrations and managed services to well-architected reviews and architectural redesigns. We help organizations transform their cloud resources into well-architected, secure and higly reliable infrastructure. Our services and solutions are integrated with advanced architectural frameworks and design principles that ensure resolution of challenges into successful end results. Our certified and experienced solution architects and project management teams ensure successful completion of AWS projects resulting into achieving measurable and tangible cloud benefits.

Get the best out of your AWS investments

VISTX Corporation

AWS Migration

Case Study

“Partnered with 9Logic and migrated our entire solution from Rackspace to AWS. As a result of the migration to AWS we were able to meet the expectations of our clients and auditors as well as meet our expectations from the timeline and budget perspective. Improved the security and reduced the monthly spend by 20%.”

-- Gary Meek, Principal Consultant, VISTX Corporation


PitchHub, Inc.

AWS Well-Architected Review

Case Study

“The results of 9Logic’s Well-Architected Review (WAR) program were ranging from simple things like enabling Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and all the way up to more complicated things like using CloudFront to define the network resources and using AWS Fargate including Computing Scalability."

-- Benjamin E. Norton, CTO, PitchHub, Inc.


Migrations - Managed Services - Well-Architected Reviews

Core Services

Highly reliable and secured infrastructure need not be costlier. Cut down the cost of waste resources...

Security is a highly mandated element that must be implemented across all levels of infrastructure...

AWS Well Architected Framework is essentially,a supporting structure of building the blocks of ...

Reliability is the ability of making your systems and services available to end-users consistently ...

Agile software development is a group of Software Development Methods based on iterative and...

Many organizations are exploiting the speed and agility of the cloud and migrating their servers and ...

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