Migrating Google Workloads from GCP to AWS

The Client

Curai is a US based Healthcare company Providing the world’s best healthcare to everyone. It is based out of California, US, and empowering patients & augmenting doctors. They are harnessing AI/ML to build products that empower both providers and patients. They are expanding their business and beginning to see huge growth in their customer base as well as revenue.


Industry Vertical

-- – Health, Wellness & Fitness. .

The Challenge

The client had their infrastructure setup on GCP. The solution was developed on Google Cloud Platform. The challenge with their existing infrastructure was about achieving scalable, reliable, secured, and cost-effective IT solutions to deliver seamless service availability and best experience to their end users. The client wants to expand the market base, meet the service expectations, provide Improved quality of service to their customers, and reduce Total Cost of Ownership.

The Solution

As part of our discovery and recommendation exercise, 9Logic held technical discussions with the client and decided to Re factor the current code to use docker containers so that clients can quickly scale the delivery of instant medical expertise that’s accurate, trustworthy, relevant and actionable. The goal is to make Curai Health app the fastest way to chat with a licensed doctor and get answers to patient’s health questions instantly. As a part of this exercise we have analysed and proposed to migrate all the existing services to AWS from GCP. Their primary applications and systems are spread various cloud services including virtual machines, data storage, databases, network security controls, API services etc. The objective of the solution is to automate scaling of the infrastructure of the workload, to provide fault tolerant, highly available and secured infrastructure with improved performance. 9Logic helped Curai architecting their AWS infrastructure and migrated the applications and data from GCP to AWS cloud. The migrated AWS Services included in the architecture - ECS, ECS Fargate, Lambda, ECR, ALB, Certificate Manager, VPC, RDS, Code Build, Code Commit, Cloud Watch. We focused on developing and deploying reliable operating model for post migration operations and optimizations. The architecture was analysed and implemented as per the best practices of AWS Well-Architected Framework and its standard design principles.

The Benefits

The client was able to expand their market base and meet the service expectations of the customers while improving the quality of service and reducing Total Cost of Ownership. The alignment of Well-Architected Framework resulted into achieving performant scalable, reliable, secured, and cost-effective IT solutions that delivers seamless service availability and best experience to their end users on the AWS Cloud.

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